Restore the soothing green color of

Many of us love and its soothing green color. Tragically, a recent redesign has left the amount of green at crisis levels. Fear not, geeks: Soothing Green Light, a free Safari extension, restores the green color to a degree beyond what we’ve ever seen! The Slashdot homepage and story pages are stylishly recolored to give you more of your favorite green.

Enjoy Slashdot in all its green glory without sacrificing legibility or function.


UPDATE : If you like listening to music on Tumblr blogs, you may be interested in my latest project - exfm. Play all the music from everyone you follow on Tumblr.

Anyone that knows me knows that the first thing I do with new technology is figure out how to make it play music. So it makes…

On the Origins of Comics:
New York Double-take


Comics can have almost no mass and yet be the most mass of mass arts: Garfield has had up to 263 million readers a day. Comics constitute a new art, just over a century old, and usually an unusually accessible one. So what can evolution…